Unlocking the Potential of Your Dubai Airbnb: With Direct Bookings

Unlocking the Potential of Your Dubai Airbnb: With Direct Bookings

Explore the benefits of direct bookings for property owners in Dubai, emphasizing the unique advantages of showcasing properties on our dedicated booking platforms dubaivacationhomes.com and dubaiholidayapartments.com; this strategy sets properties apart from the crowd and offers a personalized experience for potential guests.

Start Earning more from each booking and reduce your Airbnb host fees.

What is Airbnb Dubai Host-Only fee?

The Host-Only fee is a straightforward fee structure where the host pays it in full. 

Airbnb host fees for Dubai Hosts
  • It’s typically in the range of 14-16%, but there are exceptions based on factors like your cancellation policy and the duration of stays.
  • Superstrict cancellation policies may bear slightly higher fees, while those offering monthly stays may enjoy reduced rates.
  • It’s mandatory for traditional hospitality listings, including hotels and serviced apartments.

While avoiding Airbnb and Booking com host fees is impossible, we can offer you a valuable alternative through our booking websites: DubaiVacationHomes.com and DubaiHolidayApartments.com; our approach allows you to reduce commissions from online travel platforms and increase your property revenue and occupancy.

Maximizing Your Dubai Airbnb Earnings with Direct Marketing

By displaying your property on our highly ranked, user-friendly, and dedicated websites, your listing will stand out and attract more potential guests. You’ll gain greater visibility and ultimately increase your chances of success.

Our drive toward more direct bookings.

Choosing the right partner is key to ensuring your Dubai holiday home stands out amidst the competition.

With over 26,000 holiday homes in Dubai, it can be difficult for your property to stand out and be booked through other companies that solely rely on Airbnb, Booking com and other platforms for your bookings.

Hassle-Free Airbnb Property Management

We take immense pride in being one of Dubai’s leading property management companies, with our roots firmly established in England. With over three decades of experience in the industry, our dedicated team of experts and “Holiday Home Managers” possesses the skills and insights needed to enhance your property’s appeal, increase occupancy rates, and secure more bookings.

We understand the challenges and believe exceptional results require a departure from the common approach. Instead of relying solely on crowded platforms, we elevate your Holiday Rental in Dubai through our exclusive booking channels.

Find out more about our Airbnb Property Management Services.

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